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I've been suffering from my little penis since I was young. As a result, my self-esteem has always suffered and I have always had a hard time becoming intimate with women. I've always been afraid that they might make fun of me or worse, tell their friends. I had to and I wanted to do something. After doing extensive research on the internet, I had everything written about penis enlargement available to me, and I have to admit that some products didn't seem to me to be trustworthy. I even started to think about surgery, but an operation like this was a little too risky for me. Then I discovered an article about XTRAsize that immediately made a very strong impression on me. I decided to try the product. After all, I had nothing to lose because I had no taste for life.

XTRAsize is a food supplement composed of a special combination of active ingredients. After only one month of follow-up treatment, he enlarges the penis by about 3cm. After 6 months, the penis can even grow up to 7.5 cm. The product has been tested and recommended by specialists and doctors. It acts as follows: the active ingredients in the food supplement make erectile tissue more efficient and absorb more blood. The penis thus gains in size.

 I was totally intimidated by the looks of other men in the locker room. Since puberty, I have not dared to change my clothes or take a shower in the public locker room. My sex life also suffered because I was afraid that women would make fun of me. The ironic looks and stupid comments were hell for me. 

After reading several comments on XTRAsize, I finally decided to place an order on the XTRAsize website. The site answers all the questions in detail and looks very professional. On the XTRAsize website you can buy three different boxes: 2 months of treatment for 59 € (effect: about 3 cm more), 4 months of treatment for 112 € (effect: + 5cm) and 6 months of treatment for 152 € (effect: + 7.5cm). Since I wanted the best possible results, I opted for the 6-month treatment that contained 3 boxes. The first changes should be noticeable after only two days. One of the major benefits of XTRAsize is certainly the manufacturer's 9-day return policy, as well as the guaranteed refund for each unopened box. What's more, the numerous payment methods offered on the site (credit card, Paypal, instant transfer) have been a major asset, since I have no credit card or Paypal account.

My order was delivered after only a few days. As promised on the website, the product was delivered by a delivery company in a very discreet package, which was very important to me because I didn't want my neighbors to learn anything about it. I was full of momentum and tried the new product that night. I've been following the program scrupulously. After only 3 weeks, I noticed the first changes. The size of my penis had increased by about 2.5 cm. I had to pinch myself several times to believe it. After this first success, I was even more motivated and I had more self-confidence. Taking showers and changing in the locker room was no longer a problem. After 5 1/2 months, the size of my penis had increased remarkably by 7.25 cm (faster than what was promised on the site).

This new self-confidence was also noticeable to my friends, because I am now much more open and are no longer afraid to talk to women. My sex life has also completely changed. The ladies are delighted and amazed when they see my penis. I also last much longer during sexual intercourse.

 My first results were visible after a few weeks (since minors can also consult our site, I avoid posting the real photos online). If you are interested, please leave a comment and I will send you an email J


I have to say that I am more than satisfied with the results, especially because I avoided the operation. So if you are in the same situation as me, I can only recommend this product. Since this is a 100% natural product, you are in no danger whatsoever. I hope I helped you with this article.

If you have any questions, just post a comment at the bottom and I'll answer them quickly.


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