HIFA2015 (Healthcare Information For All)

The HIFA2015 campaign was launched in Mombasa, Kenya in October 2006, at the 10th Congress of the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa. Our shared goal is: By 2015, every person worldwide will have access to an informed healthcare provider. People will no longer be dying for lack of knowledge.

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Sharing In Health

SharingInHealth (SiH) is an emerging organization designed to address the shortage of primary health care providers in low-resource settings by increasing training capacity. The foundation of it is currently , an open-access, computer-based learning resource for small-group learning by health care students. Built by students, for students, it depends on a global community to grow.

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With the ever changing industry and science of Medicine, this application is geared towards Physicians and aspiring Physicians to help collaborate among other Physicians to help each other grow both professionally and medically. The website is a social network, similar to Facebook and Myspace combined, with many features to help simplify online calibrations, find cures for diseases, reduce time and increase productivity on a global initiative.

Since this is a new launch, the web application has been optimized to receive primary exposure on all the major search engines.  Some of the features included are forums, Chat, Shout boxes, commenting as well as video commenting, Bulletins, online market place, searches, article management and many more. The website is 100% FREE to all members that join and take advantage of this virtual piece of real estate.

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Konference ’12

Konference’12 is the first international conference organized by Bio-Medical Students’ Research Initiatives (BMSRI) and one of the first of its kind in Eastern India. Konference‘12 will be held on the 17th and 18th of March, 2012.

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Founded in October 2010, Medicalopedia is having a goal of bringing medical students, interns, residents and attending physicians and surgeons to make world’s largest medical database of information.

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Microbiology Association of Pakistan (MAP)

Microbiology Association of Pakistan (MAP) is a non-profit organization. Its an organization of young microbiologists who are dedicated and devoted to share and update the latest advancements and knowledge of microbiology.

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Fourth National PMC Undergraduate Medical Research Fair-2011, Peshawar, Pakistan

It’s a national conference of medical students to promote research in Pakistan.

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Serve Our Civil Hospital (S.O.C.H)

Serve Our Civil Hospital (S.O.C.H) is a student run, non-political, registered organization, striving to provide one of the basic needs of a hospital that is hygiene at Civil Hospital Karachi, Pakistan.

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Doctors and Students Flood Relief Campaign (DSFRC)

Doctors and Students Flood Relief Campaign (DSFRC) is a disaster relief campaign run by doctors and medical students from various institutions to provide relief to the victims by establishing medical camps in the flood affected areas.  In year 2010 floods, they treated 5000 patients free of cost. In the floods of year 2011, they treated 10000 patients for free.

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Advanced Educational Institute and Research Center (AEIRC)

Advance Educational Institute and Research Centre (AEIRC), Karachi, Pakistan has been involved in Research promotion in Pakistan and conducting research projects related to clinical and basic sciences.

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Dr. Essa’s Laboratory & Diagnostic Center

Dr. Essa’s Laboratory & Diagnostic Center is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Organization. Founded in 1987, Dr. Essa’s Lab has rapidly achieved its reputation as one of the leading laboratories in Pakistan. Apart from this, it also conducts CME seminars every month and support research organizations in Pakistan.

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The Forum for Medical Students’ Research (India) is a medical students’ body, for the students, by the students and of the students based in India with an aim of promoting research and investigative outlook amongst medical students in the region. INFORMER hosts and supports various regional conferences and workshops for the students.

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5 th International Students’ Medical Congress Kosice (ISMCK), Slovakia 2012

The aim of ISMCK´12 is to strengthen the international network for scientific collaboration as well as linking of different nations and cultures. ISMCK`12 offers students and PhD students an opportunity to present their research projects and to exchange ideas on topics through oral or poster presentations in categories: Basic Science, Dentistry, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, PhD students’ works and Pharmacology.

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Indian Medical Students Association (IMSA)

India today is home to about 335 medical colleges that churn out about 30,000 undergraduate students a year. At any given time, there are a total of about 100,000 undergraduate medical students in India. An urgent need was felt to establish a be-all-and-end- all umbrella organization for all medical students in India. Hence, we came forward with the establishment of the Indian Medical Students’ Association.

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KaraHealth Welfare Association

KaraHealth Welfare Association is an NGO dedicated to providing for the health needs of non-affording patients of Ziauddin Hospital, Clifton and Kemari Dockyard Labor Board Hospital, both in Karachi, Pakistan. KaraHealth welcome any donations towards the cause.

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Kolkata Annual Research and Medical International Congress (KARMIC)

The Kolkata Annual Research and Medical International Congress (KARMIC) 2012 is an attempt by the Indian Medical Students’ Association to act as a connecting link between the routine curriculum of medical education and the recent advances of medical science. It will be held from 3-5 June, 2012 in Kolkata, India.

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International Society for Computational Biology-Regional Student Group, Pakistan

ISCB-RSG Pakistan is an initiative to provide a platform for Pakistani students to train, network and endeavour in the field of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics in Pakistan.

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Medicon 2012

Medicon 2012, the 5 th International Annual Medical Students’ Research Conference is being held at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra, India from 11th to 14th July, 2012.

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Academic Medicine Society, Newcastle, UK

Academic Medicine Society (AMS) at Newcastle University is a medium for medical students who are interested in doing research as undergraduates and/or in their future careers.

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