Theme: Hospital Acquired Infections, August-September 2012

PMSRS brings to the medical students of Karachi a unique opportunity to indulge in interactive sessions of Students’ Journal Club.

There shall be a total of 4-5 sessions per season. This season’s topic is “Hospital Acquired Infections”

The schedule of the sessions shall be as follows:

Session 1: Learn to write Letter to the Editor.

Session 2: Learn to write Opinion and Debate.

Session 3: Participants present their own letters or articles related to the theme or recent articles/letters published in renowned journals.

Session 4: Critical review and assistance on participants submitted letters or scientific work.


  • Sessions will be conducted at 9.30 am, every Thursday at DMC.

  • Participants are required to attend all sessions.

  • Due to limited seats registrations will be on early come basis.

  • For registrations contact your RC or email at: “ “

Note to previous participants:

  1. All those participants of the previous sessions of the sjc whose letters have still not be reviewed are cordially invited to attend the last session of the SJC.

  2. All those participants of the previous sessions of the sjc who want to get their letters reviewed please email to: “ “

  3. All those participants who have still not collected their certificates please do so as early as possible.

Registrations closed!

Thank you for the swift response.