A Whitepaper Detailing The Summary Of Activities

Pakistan Medical Students’ Research Society completed a year today, 18 th January 2012. We are thankful to everyone who played a role in its successful journey.

PMSRS is proud to announce that we have 507 members till date, from 14 different institutions in Pakistan.

We have a team of 7 executive board members, further a team of 18 dedicated students who are working on different programs. We have 32 Regional coordinators in 14 different institutions across the country.

We have organized a total of 11 events in 1 year at 5 different institutions, with a total 559 participants attending and benefiting from those workshops.

We have successfully managed to conduct a Students’ Journal Club based on 4 sessions at Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan during Oct-Nov 2011, with 30 participants.

Our annual newsletter is almost on completion and will be published in the coming weeks, detailing our progress and details of successful projects and events.

The Student Mentor Link has associated about 40 member students as Research Assistants in 15 different projects. Besides, 22 members of PMSRS volunteered and learnt more about research under Dr. Zaman Shaikh, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist, Director of NIDE, Dow University, Pakistan.

We have developed partnerships with 11 organizations and 2 conferences, both national and international.

We understand the importance of research and plan to take it forward in Pakistan. We hope that if we continue working with the same dedication, PMSRS will develop itself as a major contributor to the development of medical research in Pakistan. PMSRS emerges as the only medical student run research organization that has contributed a lot in the field across Pakistan. However, sky is the limit and we plan to expand our network and encourage students to do research in the coming years.

-PMSRS Executive Board.

Email [email protected] Website www.pmsrs.com